What’s Your Next Big Home Improvement?

Before you convert your garage into the Rock ‘n’ Roll studio you always wanted…make sure to take everything into consideration – including how it may affect your home’s resale value.
Looking to add a “little something fresh” to your home? Maybe you’re contemplating upgraded appliances, a vibrant accent wall, or perhaps an entire bedroom remodel. Not So Fast… There are certain outcomes which you may want to consider before doing a major home improvement. While particular projects may increase your resale value, others may have an adverse effect on the sale price.

Take a look at the top improvements that can help increase your home’s resale value.

1. Kitchens – Time to replace those rusty countertops with a clean look!

2. Bathrooms – Modernize the restroom with some bright tiled floors!

3. Curb Appeal– The exterior is the first impression – Dress to Impress!

4. Roofs and Windows – No one likes an old roof. Improving these assets insures a safer home!

These home enhancements can quickly turn people away from your home…

1. Color Enthusia – Even though ‘every color’ might be your favorite color (like myself), this doesn’t mean they all belong in every room.

2. Swimming Pool – Many potential buyers with young children see pools as a safety hazard. ‘nuff said.

3. Garage Conversion – Maybe you want a place to get the old band started again – don’t do it! Not only will your neighbors hate you, but many buyers actually like having garages.

4. DIY Home Improvements – Unless you really know what you’re doing, you should probably hire someone to install a new feature into your home. Many home inspectors will be able to immediately differentiate between a professional job versus a home project.

Overall… Be thoughtful with your home improvements – and be sure it really is an improvement if your wish is to add to your resale value!

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