Selling Our Home with Laurie Woolner

Have to say, working with Laurie Woolner on our house sale was an unexpected pleasure. After meeting a handful of very qualified agents we decided to go with her simply because she made us feel safe. Not that the other agents weren’t pleasant or professional, but we seemed to have a communication shorthand with Laurie from the get-go, and that continued throughout the process. She probably met with us a half dozen times before we finally decided to “list”, coaching us and listening to our concerns, partly because we were buying another house in another state and weren’t quite ready to sign. No pressure ever. When we finally decided it was a go, Laurie sprung into action. We followed her advise practically to the letter, painting and refurbishing the interior and exterior, dry walling and painting the garage, tweaking the landscaping, and finally staging with furniture that wasn’t necessarily our taste, but when finished, showed the potential of the house to a more contemporary crowd. She had great people lined up for every task, who came in on time with wonderful attitudes, and helped in many ways we didn’t even know we needed help in. Wonderful experience. Probably took a few weeks all told, and when we were finally ready for the open house, she treated it like a once in a lifetime event. And she was there on hand for it all, guiding us, cajoling us, supporting us in every way. Of course we had multiple offers within the first week and she navigated those waters brilliantly, ultimately breaking all records in our area for 2+1. Her support didn’t stop at the sale either. Through each step of the escrow she was there to help, looking out for our interests, even got a second opinion when a couple questionable inspectors tried to put one over on us. We were so thankful we had her in our corner and feel as though we forged a new friendship throughout the process. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re looking for a caring real estate agent to list your home with, you owe it to yourself to sit down with Laurie before you finalize your decision.

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