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Are you one of those people who clean up after your family over the weekend but by Tuesday the house is a mess again? It’s a baffling situation that you’ve basically come to accept at this point. Well, if it makes you feel any better, maintaining a city is a lot more work and requires much more manpower. Thankfully, the Venice and Mar Vista neighborhoods have a collection of reliable and hardworking organizations that help keep the city clean with a variety of different services.

Graffiti Clean Up

Even though these neighborhoods that make up West LA are one Los Angeles’s safest areas (in terms of lowest crime rate) according to the LA Times – Mapping LA Project, it’s also one of the most artistic cities in the country (according to Forbes). With that being said, graffiti happens, and as a long-time resident of Venice, I’m grateful for our city’s dependable maintenance crew.

Who to Contact: Operation Clean Sweep is an organization that will clean up graffiti and assist in preventing future occurrences. Phone Number: (213) 473- 3231 or Dial 311 E-mail: [email protected]

Curbside Pick Up

Do you have a broken piece of furniture you’d like to throw away? The Bureau of Sanitation will come to your curbside and pick up any unwanted or bulky items. You may also use this service for a deceased pet.

Who to Contact: To arrange for a sidewalk pickup, you can call: 1-800-773-2489 or email: [email protected].

Neighborhood Watch Program

The Los Angeles Police Department has a program that offers discussions about crime and how to build a safer neighborhood. The select police officers will supply specific information about crime rates if you’re interested in organizing a neighborhood watch program in a designated area.

Who to Contact: If you are thinking about forming a neighborhood watch program in the Venice or Mar Vista neighborhood, contact: (213)-486-6000

Street Services

Got a pothole you hit every morning when exiting the driveway? The Bureau of Street Services takes in requests for street maintenance such as potholes, tree emergencies, and street sweeping schedules. You may also apply for tree planting or trimming, or any construction-related permits.

Who to Contact: Contact the Bureau of Street Services at: (800) 996-2489

Of course we hope to never encounter any of the emergencies listed here, but you never know when you might need to contact your neighborhood’s maintenance and safety crew for a request. When that time comes, you can count on the Laurie Woolner for all the information about our neighborhood.

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