Tiny but mighty! I had been getting Laurie’s door hangars and was impressed by her successful community events, multifamily yard sales, and her signs seemed to be everywhere in the neighborhood here in Venice.

When the time came to sell a property I owned with my sister in law, I called Laurie. The house was in LA on the West Hollywood border and I thought it might be out of Laurie’s operational zone. “Not a problem, I’ll go take a look at it and let you know”. Within 2 days Laurie was showing it to a prospective buyer who unfortunately didn’t want to pay what we were asking. When the prospective buyer left, Laurie walked down the street to where another house was being built and sold it to the developer there for 40K more than we were asking and higher than a comp that had just sold down the street.

This was all before the house was even officially listed, and she secured a non refundable deposit from the buyer before we had even signed any paperwork with her.

The entire sale from start to finish including escrow took about 2 weeks. It was not the experience we anticipated, it went so smoothly. She was a pleasure to work with, had an escrow company that knew what they were doing and the whole thing was painless. Tiny but mighty…..thank you Laurie

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