Summer Is In The Air

Living and working in Southern California, it’s often times hard to tell when it’s “Spring” or “Fall” or even “Winter.” We’re truly blessed to live in a climate where the average temperature is 72 and sunny. We also have the privilege of being able to work one mile from the beach, and we definitely take advantage of that! Here, we’ve complied our top 5 Summer activities.

  1. Walks on the beach/boardwalk: This couldn’t be more cliché, or more true. The summer is an amazing time to bike down to the Venice or Santa Monica Boardwalk and people watch!
  1. Brunch: The Westside has no shortage of amazing, new and innovative dining options. With the beach as your backdrop, who doesn’t love to grab a mimosa and chow down on some eggs benedict?
  1. Weekend Trips: Long weekends and just because trips are always abound in the summer months.
  1. Hiking: Ok, so this doesn’t always apply to Summer, but completing a grueling day hike in the Santa Monica Mountains, or taking in the breathtaking views in Malibu are always a favorite!
  1. Door Knocking!! We here at the Woolner Group take full advantage of the gorgeous weather leading to more people being out and about. We love door knocking on summer afternoons and meeting all of our wonderful neighbors and potential sellers and buyers.

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